Monday, January 30, 2006

The Horror, The Horror

The problem about starting to try to count calories is learning how horribly unhealthy some of the stuff I love is.

For example - the nacho plate from a big chain restaurant is 2120 calories. Damn. I mean... damn. That's more than I need to eat for an entire f'ing day. I was eating that pretty regularly. I've also discovered that the sandwiches from Quizno's are seemingly marinated in salt, then rolled around in salt, then buttered and covered in a salt glaze. Then they still a big ol' honkin' salt lick in the middle.

Oddly enough, pizza isn't as horrible calorie-wise as I had expected. And the Subway sandwiches are quite good.

I've been tempted not to post this because I figured I'd ruin my luck, but I've lost 10 pounds since a high tide of Christmas. I'm still a bit away from a good weight for my height, but that's okay, I'm built big and I've got some muscle, so I'm not aiming for skeletal.

And I'm going to get a couple of slices of pizza.


BrightStar said...

shut up about the Quinzo's! (LA LA LA LA LA LA NOT LISTENING!) because I love that stuff. I think their subs have addictive ingredients inside, just like McDonald's soft serve ice cream and Taco Bell's bean burritos.

Of course Subway is healthy-ish. Have you NOT seen the commericials. Jared! Lost many pounds! I used to know how to count the Weight Watcher points of their subs. If I recall, a roast beef sub with no cheese and only vinegar for the sauce (but any and all veggies -- I asked for extra jalapenos) was 5 points. Then you get baked Lays chips for 2 more points.

Can you tell that (a) I'm sort of hungry and (b) I'm thinking about dieting again?

Overread said...

hehe - Quizno's trick is even more devious. They don't post the nutritional info for any of their stuff except the 'healthy' ones. And they're covered in salt too (sorry!). They are addictive as all get out though, and calorie-wise, they aren't awful.

I'm a fan of Subway, but Jared scares the ever-loving snot out of me (how's that for vivid?). I'm happy that people are finding a role model in him, but would you really try to win a chance for him to call you and encourage you to eat better? Scary!

BrightStar said...

no no no no no no NO! I do not want Jared stalking me on the phone. And, honestly? I don't think he's very good looking so I don't want to see him on TV anymore.

I will still eat Quinzo's before Subway.

zerodoll said...

Wow! 10 lbs. since Christmas, that's amazing.
I personally like Subway but maybe that's because the Quizno's veggie sammich seems unhealthy (could it be the guac or the olives or the cheese or the dressing- hmmm...)
What's your source for your daily caloric need? I seemed to find differing opinions.

jayfish said...

10lbs? that's cool!

Overread said...

hehe Yeah, I'm happy that he lost all that weight, but, um. No. I think having him call me would be a punishment, not a prize :)

I've been using the thingie, but I've altered the caloric intake. It calculates what it thinks you need to eat in order to get to a target weight, so it put me at about 2100 per day. Some of the other programs went lower, so I set mine at 2000, but I'm hitting about 1700-ish per day.

mendi-la said...

yo - awesome dude! 10lbs! salt keeps that water weight on right - i guess quizzy subs are, what were the calories for that lovely burrito we were discussing the other day with the fried potatoes inside (i'm salivating...)

Overread said...

Um, I'm afraid the Burrito of Doom would crush any calorie-counting scheme. :)