Monday, May 01, 2006

I Have Not I Have Not I Have NOT!

I have not wasted most of today already!  Why do I feel like I haven't done anything
  • I did that stupid survey that explained how no one earning what I earn can afford to live here. 
  • I answered all of those emails (including the student who had a really good question, but wasn't my student). 
  • I read a nasty (but useful) article in a language that I read really slowly.
  • I mapped out a bunch of things I'll need to get corralled for the summer class. (scary scary scary)
  • I did a bit of hunting around for materials for the summer class (I think this is where I feel like I didn't get anything done because most of what I did was discover that all those sources just wont work).
  • I even blogged
and the day isn't done yet.  I'm breaking for a run, then I get back to work.  Maybe I'll feel like I've accomplished something later.

Oh, and the Black Adder DVD that Netflix sent me was cracked.  Poo.

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