Monday, May 29, 2006

Thesis Blathering

I hope everyone had a loverly Memorial Day.


I actually had a minor breakthrough on the thesis front. Once again, to no surprise, it was thanks to my advisor. He suggested a reorganization that will give me legitimate reasons for changing some parts and ejecting some portions of the thing that were really dragging the thesis down. So, rather than presenting each piece of data and painstakingly analyzing it before moving on, I’m going to give a general overview of the problems, explain trends (with excerpts from the data) and then present all of the data at the end.


The problem was (and is) that I have a big teenage-hormone-crush on my data. It was really the reason I came to this field and this topic in the first place and I love it. It’s also really really hard and the main product of the thesis itself. Even though the analysis is useful and interesting, it’s very secondary in importance (in my mind).


I wanted to put the data up front and with big flashing lights to let everyone know – “HEY! I CAN DO THIS STUFF AND YOU CAN’T!” Err… or something like that.


Anyway, it just makes soooo much more sense to organize all of the data behind the discussion of the trends and such. Yea advisor!


At the risk of getting hit by a train, dare I say that the light at the end of the tunnel is getting a smidge brighter?


Pages:     113

Words:    45,710

Lines:    3,057


Ok, I’m kinda proud of the poor, disorganized, rambling thing :)

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