Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Who is in charge of the weather here?  Seriously, I plan on sending a very terse email!  So a few days ago, it was sunny, but nice and cool.  Then two days ago it rained like Noah was done building.  (Why yes, yes, I did decide to leave my rain gear at home and had to bike home in the monsoon, thanks for asking!).  Yesterday it looked like it was heading back to nice and cool.

Today?  THE SUN LANDED IN MY BACKYARD.  Hot hot hot hot dismally, energy-sucking, sidewalk-egg-boiling, wavy-lines-coming-off-the-ground-hot.

It gets worse.  Worse why?  Because I'm dumber than a box of rocks.  I didn't run on Monday because I was trying to catch up on some stuff, so I didn't want to miss today, but I could have run early or late to avoid solar incineration, yes?  Well, I could have, but I didn't.  1:30pm I roll out of the gym (slathered in sunblock, for what that's worth anyway) and jaunted off to my trail. 

Well, it's hardly worth mentioning that I ran very very slowly (40'13" for those playing at home), but I also seem to have run into a cleverly placed pollen-bomb somewhere out there.  Sweat, sunblock, red, itchy skin and red bloodshot eyes.  Oh the joy of it all. 

Adding insult to idiocy, both of the other MA folks graduating this spring are pretty much done with their theses.  Oh, how I hate them.  Hate hate hate, Hate that burns like a very hot burny thing.  Well, ok, it's not hate.  It's jealousy, but I've never been too good about telling one emotion from another.


jayfish said...

running in the heat is bad for you. it'll give you the hives and whatnot. or is that just running in general? anyway...

Dear Lovey Heart said...

a very hot burny thing huh? that is pretty intense.

zerodoll said...

hate like the sun at 1:30 pm?