Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Really Great Shoe...

The show was really wonderful. I really am so glad that I went (and hey - a free $50 ticket or two don't hurt either). And I wish I could tell you more about it, but then I'd loose my mild-mannered secret identity. Ah well, just trust me - it was great. Now that I'm in a city that actually has a little bit of culture, even if you may have to hunt for it, I'm hoping I get more chances to start going to theatre again.

I even got to shake the hand of the producer and thank him for the show. The third and final part of the show is tomorrow, and I've got a ticket. Woot!

Bonus quotes from earlier in the day:

Gal on cell phone talking waaaay to loudly:
"He did it? Ohmygod! In front of... In front of 3000 people! Ohmygod! I am so glad he's not my boyfriend. Yeah. Why didn't she call me? I'm going to call her."

tweenish skater boi on campus with 10 or so other skater bois:
"Hey dude! No! Man, just chill. No. We're like, like guests here, you can't tear the place up."


Royo said...

It's amazing!You surely dont know who I am. I am from China and I am a college student and I am worrying about my assignment on Confucius! Actually when I googled just now I got to see your words.Its good!!
I hope we can write to each other and talk about that Confucius stuff~~@_<

Royo said...


Overread said...

I'm pretty sure that's spam, but it's such interesting spam. I think I'll leave it.

jayfish said...

actually, you've made a few references to confucius... quotes and such. c'mon man, email them... don't be chicken.

(maybe use a fresh hotmail account to be safe) :P

The Duck said...

you might be stalked...

Royo said...

well thank you for teaching me a new word……SPAM
But who can help me with "stalked"?
And I'm pretty sure you can read Chinese so do you know this saying
Anyway,being cautious is good~ you know,the “911” ~~~

Royo said...
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