Saturday, October 20, 2007

Something Else To Distract Me From Work


The 10k I planned to run at the end of October does not occur next weekend, but tomorrow at oh my god in the morning. This would have been better to discover before I went on a 4 mile run this morning.

At least I was able to get down to the registration place and pick up my bib number and tshirt (long sleeve? WTF? I can't wear a long-sleeve shirt. I'll burst into flames. grrrranimals.)

Also, they said there would be a gift bag. I can confirm there was a bag. Gifts? umm.. a sample-size granola bar and a sticker for a local radio station? not so much.


Bungeegal said...

Good luck on your run!

Billie said...

Yep, lots of luck on the run. I don't know the weather where you are, but when it gets a little colder, I ***love*** long sleeve t-shirts. Ih ope you can use the one you got. :-)

zerodoll said...

i've been sorely disappointed with the so-called gift bags at runs. there's a race i'm eying that gives away a bag of gold.

good luck!

Overread said...

Thanks all! I'll let you know how it turns out!

jayfish said...

yeah, you better get a medal!

...or at least finish. :P have fun!