Monday, November 05, 2007

Quiz First, Ask Questions Later

No telling how long this will last, but hey, I'm in the mood, so the quiz comes back.

So #4, which Jayfish mentioned was the joyous Talk Talk with It's My Life (or the No Doubt cover which is what I googled up)

So lets try another few, eh? Funny thing is that I'm sure I've done some of these before, but hey, it's not like I remember which ones. I'll try to keep it slightly fresh. Obviously I need to make it a bit harder though, right? :)

Four young chiquitas in Omaha,
Was waiting for the band to return from the show.
Takes him out to look at the queen
Only place that he's ever been
Always shouts out something obscene
One step ahead, one step behind it
Now ya gotta run to get even
Make future plans I'll dream about yesterday, hey!
Come on turn, turn this thing around
From where I stand
You are home free
The planets align so rare
There's promise in the air
And I'm guiding you
People see me
I'm a challenge
To your balance
I'm over your heads
How I confound you
And astound you
He earned his love through discipline
A thundering, velvet hand
His gentle means of sculpting souls
Took me years to understand.
I'll get you everything you wanted
I'll get you everything you need
Don't need to believe in hereafter
Just believe in me
We can't afford to be innocent
Stand up and face the enemy
It's a do or die situation
She's raised on leather
With flesh on her mind
Riding on the chuck wagon,
Following my man.
His name is Ted,
Can you believe that?
(Ted, oh Ted, fighting off danger!)
I sincerely hope that that last one makes you laugh as much as it made me laugh.


jayfish said...

too hard quiz!

9) devil inside - INXS

zerodoll said...

#8: Pat Benatar (that much I know). Is it "Heartbreaker"?

#10 I Wanna Be a Cowboy by...

Billie said...

#1. "We An American Band," Grand Funk Railroad
#2. "Mean Mr. Mustard," The Beatles
#5. Natalie Merchant (don't know the song title)
#8. Pat Benatar (don't know song title)

BrightStar said...

#5: "Wonder" by Natalie Merchant

#10: HA HA HA! My name is Ted, and one day... I'll be dead, yo yo yo.