Saturday, December 01, 2007

Cross-Town Traffic

There is simply too much to do this weekend.
  • The paper presentation - luckily postponed slightly, but still looming.
  • The Japanese presentation - to create
  • The Japanese skit (why do they always make you do a skit? I hate skits) - to memorize
  • The huge Japanese final exam and the oral interview - to cry about
  • The massive seminar test (test? in a seminar?)- to prepare for and all the info is new to me :(
  • The gigantic stack of grading that will. not. die. - to be marked
And I've got a half-marathon tomorrow morning - natch.

Oh yeah, a note to people who put together big events like, say, half-marathons?

Go ahead and don't piss off the people taking part in your event. So, for example, don't force them to travel all over all over creation the day before the event for hours and hours just to pick up the packet they need to take part in the run. Every other run either mails this stuff to the runners or they make it available the day of the run. And don't try and pretend that it's going to be at so health and fitness expo or something when it's not. A handful (like, maybe 6) of wholesalers hawking shoes that no one else would buy at their stores does not an expo make.

I do, as mentioned, have other things I need to do this weekend (like writing blog posts).

PS - Some of you may have the gall to mention that I should have gotten some of this out of the way earlier, and to you I have only one thing to say - pppppphhhhhttttttttt

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jayfish said...

you're a running crazy man!