Thursday, January 17, 2008

Collective Souls

If the collective noun for goose is gaggle, whale is pod and dove is exaltation (cute, eh?), what is the collective noun for gradfolk?

I suggest:

a procrastination of gradfolk
a laze of gradfolk
an insomnia of gradfolk
a neurosis of gradfolk

How about Professors?

a tenure of professors
an exasperation of professors

Any other suggestions? We could petition the Websters people...


Gary Oxford said...

A pessimism of post-docs?

A hypertension of junior faculty?

A puffery of full professors?

A scrum of grad students?

BrightStar said...

neurosis or insomnia of professors works well, too -- particularly of untenured professors.

liz said...

A clutch of chauffeurs?

A cluster of astronomers? Or perhaps a constellation?