Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Be It Resolved

  • "Mid-Term" Exams
    • You can not have more than one per term, otherwise it is not a mid-term.
    • If you want to use the phrase to scare students, it doesn't work. And your loyal TAs are the ones that take the brunt of the anger.
    • Unless it takes place in the middle(ish) of the term, and there is only one, just call it a 'test.'
  • Advertising on campus
    • Litering /= marketing.
    • You cannot convince me in any more effective way that your product is not worth my time than by covering the campus with your pathetic 'guerrilla' marketing.

That is all.


liz said...

Wait, wait, wait! You're TA'ing a class with more than one midterm?

What planet is the professor from?

Overread said...

Well, the class I'm TAing just has 'tests.' But multiple midterms are endemic - especially on the science side of campus. One of my friends is TAing a class with 3 midterms and a final.