Saturday, February 16, 2008

The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem

So, I haven't been blogging about running very much, because I realized that it must be amazingly boring to read, but today might be worthwhile.

I've been ramping up my miles 'cause I'm doing a marathon soon (disturbingly soon, actually), so today's run was planned to be a really gorgeous run of about 14 miles. It's a bit of a pain for the first 2 miles or so because you have to run through some very nasty car-centric areas with lots of traffic lights.

Once you get past that chunk, it's a really beautiful part of town that no mortal human could afford to live in, but credit where credit is due, they've got a lot of greenspace and running trials. Must be nice to be rich, but hey, at least they haven't blocked it off to through running yet. It's even so swanky they've got water fountains on the trails.

After that bit, it gets even better. It's a pretty famous area, so I'll spare the description, but there's green, there's water, and curse me for being so crass, there's an unending stream of women who are... well... another nice aspect of the scenery.

So, the fun part of the story is that I got to the turnaround point and I was really feeling pretty good for having run 7 miles. No stitches, feet felt fine, knees and back and heck, everywhere - not even much muscle ache. So hey, my endorphin-addled brain asked me, "why not run further?" It's just an out and back, right? I could just add another mile or so on, turn around and zip-zop, no problem. Add another couple of miles to my weekly total and be ahead of the game for my prep work, right?

Ah, hubris.

Anywhoo. I kept on running, thinking I knew there was another major geographic point that should be coming up soon. I figured I'd turn around there, and it would make a pretty picture on my GPS map when I got home. (Yes I really did consider that on the 'pro' side of the mental note paper. The 'con' side was curiously absent such phrases as 'pain,' 'idiocy' or 'brittle knees snapping like dry kindling')

So I keep running on, becoming more concerned that I hadn't seen my new turnaround point. The added problem was that it is a beautiful day today, so when I did see it in the distance, it was way in the distance, but by that point my head was set to get there.

Long story short (well, not really short, but trust me, I could drag this on for pages), at the turnaround point, I looked at my GPS, and saw that I had run ten miles. Even at that point though, I didn't realize the pain I was in for. To be honest, I did ok up until about mile 15 where you turn into the uber-neighborhood. From that point on, it was really more of a shuffle run.

I did make it home - no walking. I had a wee bit of joy getting up the stairs, but after a nice long bath and a brutal NYT crossword, I'm feeling much more human. Only real pain is muscle pain and a little bit of arch grief.

Hooray for idiocy and bullheadedness!

Oh, and that GPS map looked really cool.

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