Saturday, February 02, 2008

Oh The Humanity

I had kinda thought that I would try to put a more substantial post up here, but something more important happened. I drank this:
If you can't see that well, that's a Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr Pepper. I like Dr Pepper. A lot. Really heaps. This is an abomination. It's like you ground up chocolate Necco wafers into a bottle of hyper-carbonated water. My stomach can't figure out whether to give an acidic half-burp or grumble or just explode in revenge toward me for forcing that stuff down my throat.

Score: 1 bottlecap out of 5


BrightStar said...

good to know. I've seen coupons for this all over the place...

I think Diet Pepsi Jazz (Diet Pepsi plus flavors like strawberry and cream) is kind of good.

Billie said...

You know, I like Dr. Pepper, too . . . it's my drink of choice, usually. But this? It looks quite horrid. Really. {{{ shudder }}}