Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Songs in my Head

Today and yesterday were both from the Squirrel Nut Zippers. At least that makes sense because I found their CD while I was moving. Now it's happily nestled in my zune. For those playing at home, yesterday was Got My Own Thing Now, and Today it seems to be Hell.

So there you are.

I think I've found a decent route to campus on the bike that only hits a couple of major roads - the rest are nice residential roads. Only trouble is that there are two monster hills right at the beginning. Well, that'll wake me up, right?

Today it was a 35 minute ride. That's about 10-15 minutes faster than the bus, not counting time waiting at the bus stop. Woot! Now I can be even more pretentious and snobby than I already am! Should I get those clicky (spell-check wants that to be coliky) bike shoes and conspicuously carry around my helmet or something? I know the standard rule of prtentiousness is that I have to ask people constantly how much money they pay for gas and insurance, and then get overly astonished that they have to pay for parking. hehe.


liz said...

Don't forget the bike shorts.

jayfish said...

ooh, get a bunch of racing jerseys that color coordinate with your helmet. THEN you'll be a real biker!

oh yah and some super ugly wrap around sunglasses.

Scrivener said...

When I started out in academe, I always imagined myself spending 3 decades or so riding my bike into campus. Then for my first 8 years in the profession, it was so f*ing difficult to find a job that I was commuting between 55 and 75 miles each way so that I could teach.