Monday, July 07, 2008

Line! Line?

One of the coolest things happened this weekend.

I ran off to Trader Joe's to get some stuff for the tortilla soup. I only had a few items, so I got into the 15-items or less line, but right before I got there a very heavily made-up very plastic-looking woman (I'm shallow - sue me) wheeled her heavily-laden cart into the line ahead of me. Ah, crap. Oh, well, no worries, I'm in no hurry. When she gets to the front of the line, she asks the cashier to grab her a bottle of some vodka and she walks off to peruse the bottled water options. Cashier guy was distracted helping another cashier and didn't notice her.

She finally returns with her two cute boxes of Fiji Propaganda, er I mean Fiji Water, and the cashier takes one look at her, takes a look at her basket, and tells her, "This is a 15-item or less line."

She kind of flounced, and batted her eyes, and I swear she shook her saline at him. She said, "oh, really? I didn't even see a sign." (read in a cutsie bubblehead voice) and stayed in line.


awkward silence.

Cashier guy walks around her to get my basket, which finally convinces her that she's not going to get her way.


Seriously, it wasn't such a big deal. I really wasn't in a hurry, and I certainly wouldn't have made a scene, but I wanted to give cashier guy a tip.


BrightStar said...

Brilliant! I hate it when people think that they can use their appearance to get their way -- even worse when they're not even cute (yes, I'm superficial, too... from time to time!).

zerodoll said...

i love trader joe's cashiers.

liz said...

Ever since listening to The Shopping Cart of Love, I've been more willing to give Express Line violators a bit of leeway...but not much.

Overread said...

That's pretty darn hilarious, Liz!

jayfish said...

you're lying! that DOESN'T happen!