Monday, February 27, 2006

I Love a Rainy Run

8.87km - 39'34"

I haven't been on the treadmill in a while, but the horizontal train that's whirring about suggested that running around in the mud and muck might not be the best idea, so there I went. I know remember the bonus of treadmill running - I can set the pace at 8mph (later 8.5mph) and just zone out and listen to my audiobook while my body just trundles along. Trundle trundle. I don't think I could keep that pace in the wild (treadmills are also nice and flat unless you get them all riled up), but it's nice to get a decently long run in in a decently quick pace. Yea!

I also did one third of the army pushup and situp routine. It's inconceivable that I used to be able to do all that. Inconceivable - and I'm not even Sicilian.


mendi-la said...

everytime i hear or say the word inconceivable - i think of the sicilian :)

Overread said...

I wrote that there was a horizontal train, and frankly, I don't want to edit it. I have long held the opinion that trains should generally remain horizontal, and I see no need to bow down to your vertical train orthodoxy.

jayfish said...

trundle? at 8-8.5 mph?? that's not a trundle.

(or did you mean rundle?)

zerodoll said...

not a trundle at all. and aren't you running that fast outdoors too?

sheepish said...

That army routine is pretty sick. I tried it after you posted it last, and well, I didn't last.

Overread said...

The last good run I had outside was almost that speed, but not as consistent. up and down hills all over the place. You and Jayfish need to come down here before I leave so I can show you the trail - You'd dig it :)

Sorry about subjecting you to that routine, Sheepish. If it makes you feel any better I went through the army feeling that pain.