Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What Could It Be?

I woke up this morning with mucho sniffly nose, stuffy head and scratchy throat.

So here's the fun game - Is it just the annual return of allergies here in pollen-land? Or is it the more insidious cold/flu that has been wracking the campus of late?

  • It's about that time.
  • I did go running outside yesterday amongst all native flora
  • I'm usually fairly cold/flu resistant
  • Almost everyone has had this but me
  • I usually don't get a scratchy throat with allergies (but it could be the nasal drainage - that happens sometime. I sure you were all dying to know that)
  • This is the worst possible time to get the cold/flu.
The suspense is palpable.


zerodoll said...

Uh oh! Get some zinc!

jayfish said...

i can't wait to find out!!