Monday, April 24, 2006

Easy as 1-2-3

Accent: Hmmm… Well, I grew up in an accent heavy place (a bit southern-ish), and I spent a lot of time in theatre classes trying to keep a ‘mid-American standard,’ but truth be told, my accent depends on who I’m talking to. I think this happens with a lot of folks in my family. Oh, you should hear my mom talk to my grandpa – fun fun fun :)

Booze: Not much, really. I had my drinking phase (theatre world, again), but it never was that big a deal. That being said I was dragged off to two parties last weekend, which is unheard of for a hermit like myself. I took advantage of the two for one happy hour special and had way too many margaritas. Frankly though, I don’t like tequila unless it’s in a margarita or another froo froo drink. I usually go for vodka.

Chore I Hate: Um… anything! I’m a lazy lazy guy, doncha know? I did just do massive amounts of laundry and get a haircut, all in the same week, so maybe I’m getting better.

Dog or Cat: Cat cat cat cat and cat and then cat. See the thing is that I love all sorts of pets, and I grew up with a menagerie befitting my living in the countryside (seriously, at one point, we had a sheep. Lamb? Sheep. Maybe. We also had multicolored ducks and I spraypainted chicken poop fluorescent orange once, but those are other stories for other days). So the thing is I love dogs and cats, but I really really want a cat. A furry little purr-ball like the ones of Cute Overload. Yes. Of course I realize this doesn’t jibe well with my chore hating, but hey - I am large, I contain multitudes. Thanks Walt.

Essential Electronics: Yes. All of them. I should also say though, that it is refreshing to go screenless for brief stretches.

Favorite Cologne(s): I’m another in the anti-cologne camp. In junior high (?), I once saved up a huge amount of money to buy a bottle of White Linen for a birthday present the ultimate-love-of-my-life-who-I-couldn’t-be-without-and-my world-would-come crashing-down-if-she-ever-left-me-even-though-she-was-dating-that-other-guy-and-routinely-crushed-my-spirit. I was so proud of myself for casually finding out what she wore early enough that it wouldn’t seem obvious. So I gave it to her, she seemed happy and while we were talking in her bedroom (in her bedroom! Oh bliss upon bliss), I saw that she had received another bottle of the perfume from her grandmother. “She gives me a bottle every year.” Thank you. And I don’t like perfume.

Gold or Silver: Eh… Silver? I’m not really passionate either way

Hometown: Small city near a bigger city in a state that is unassuming enough that I have to regularly explain it’s location to foreigners. And some Americans, too.

Insomnia: Nope (knock wood)

Job Title: Teaching Assistant (“Lecturer” come this summer!) – Oh yeah, and all that ‘grad student’ stuff, too.

Kids: I hope so, but it seems I’m a little behind the game on that one.

Living arrangements: Uck. Small room in an awkward house under the flight path of low-flying airplanes and the rumbling tracks of the railway. It is a good biking distance from campus though.

Most admirable trait: I think my most admirable trait is to not answer certain questions.

Number of sexual partners: See above :)

Overnight hospital stays: None (still knocking on that wood. Plywood counts, right?)

Phobias: I do get vertigo, but it’s kind of attractive vertigo. I’m a bit like those little yappy dogs who run up to the bigger dog, bark and then run away, only to do it again. Each time I’ve been on the Eiffel Tower I force myself to go to the edge and then I run back and try not to notice the swaying of the whole friggin’ tower. Then I go look again.

Quote: What? I just quoted Whitman, for crying out loud! Aren’t you even paying attention?

Religion: None, although I do like the FSM

Siblings: One sister, one brother, both older. You guys probably know ‘em too :)

Time I wake up: Not as consistently as I should. Recently it’s been about 7 or so.

Unusual talent or skill: I can juggle, but only 3 items. I actually had to learn for a part in a play in college (Major Barbara). I had to juggle on stage as part of a sight-gag. Fun, but nerve-wracking.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: None! Gimme veggies! Gimme veggies! I even love brussel Sprouts and beets and oh… I’m ok with mushrooms, but it’s taken me a while to get on good terms with them...

Worst habit: Not finishing what I start. Finishing the MA while applying and negotiating the PhD thing has been a huge test of that.

X-rays: No, but I always wanted to buy the eyeglasses.

Yummy foods I make: (first of all, that was a stretch to get something that started with a 'Y') I used to make a kick-ass turkey chili, but I haven’t cooked in so long…

Zodiac sign: Leo, Ox


Anonymous said...

Technically, mushrooms are basidiomycete fungi, not vegetables. So you're still King Veggie in my book.

Overread said...

See! I knew there was something suspicious about those little fungi nasties. I should have had faith that a man named Corndog would come to my culinary defense :)

luckybuzz said...

Nice dodge, on M and N there. :)