Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm Leeeeeavin' On A Jet Plane!

I am such the jet-setter. I've got a meeting at 11, a lecture at 12:30 and a flight to catch a little after that. I'm flying off to Monster Conference which is nearby the Land of Wonderful Nieces (and Brother too!), so I get to go to there and enjoy both MonCon and family!

Oh, and despite my late email, potential advisor at Prospect #1 Uni has graciously agreed to meet with me and chat about my potential future there. Yea!

Also, and even more terrifying/thrilling:

The summer class schedules came out and I am listed as the instructor for my two summer classes. What is the world was this university thinking hiring me?! Don't they know what they're doing? Don't they know I will most likely... um... break their students?

And finally, why no, no I haven't packed yet, why do you ask?

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