Friday, April 07, 2006

Notes From The 5th Row

  • Guy reading directly from paper zombie-like makes finger quotes several words after the word he meant to finger quote
  • Members of the panel look zombie-like while listening to paper. Are they listening?
  • Dude is a good speaker, but the mic is having a tough time picking up his voice because his head is buried in his paper. Seriously, his neck is at like a 90 degree angle. That can't be comfortable
  • More mic troubles. Ma'am, please be aware of your swaying. back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. Leads to: quiet quiet quiet, mumble mumble LOUD LOUD LOUD mumble mumble LOUD mumble quiet quiet. What was your topic again?
  • Macs are also not immune from the powerpoint curse. The cable will not truck any type of computer. Woe be to those who needed visual aids for this panel.
  • (completely different panel) Overhead projector? Might as well bring out the campfire so we can make shadow puppets on the wall. They could have at least got one that had consistent focus. Here's a headache potion
  • It's so sad to see the fleeing of audience members after the big name has finished her paper. The next presentation was a good one, too
  • A monotonous tone can make even the most interesting topic duller than a pair of kindergarten scissors.

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