Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Heat

It's sapping my will to live.  I deal very badly with heat, and we've had a very unseasonable heat wave the past couple days.  Yesterday I was sitting in the library (on the floor that doesn't get wireless access - Sometimes that helps me focus).  I wasn't moving.  Just sitting there at my laptop.  Sweating.  streams of sweat.  I couldn't even think.  I spent about 4 hours there and got nothing worthwhile done.  I went to the office.  Nothing.  I went home and went for a quick run.  The only upside to that was standing in the ice-cold shower after. 
I thought I might be able to get something done when the sun went down.  The sun went down, but it never cooled off. 
I remember when I was little, when it would get really hot at night I would get out of bed and put a sheet on the ground and just lay down on top of it with the fan turned on high blowing right on me.  I could never get to sleep on nights like that.  miserable miserable miserable.  It was almost that bad last night. 
This morning I figured I needed to get the blood flowing, so I went on a longish bike ride to a guilty pleasure spot for brunch.  I'd hit the cafe nearby to work.  When I got there I realized I left my wallet at home.  Ugh.  I had enough to eat, but not enough for anything else.  So.  long bike ride home to get the wallet and then short bike ride to the local Bucks o' Star to work.  That's where I am now.  Still hot.  Still unhappy.  Still not getting any work done.

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jayfish said...

you need to carry around an atomizer to spray yourself when you're hot.

...or you *could* just have a wet washcloth on top of your head. that could be pretty snazzy. :)