Sunday, July 23, 2006

iSweat 6.89mi? - 48'41"

So I did get it to work out, and it looks very nice. I'm interested to see what the 'community' aspects will be when they come out. The little iDot thingie stayed in place just fine, and that's even with me running through the briar and bramble, Oodi-lolly oodi-lolly, golly what a day.
That's why my shoes look so sad, Jayfish, it's all the wilderness out there -the foxes in green suits and the bears with quarterstaves and no pants.

Anyway, I'm using miles now. I'm not sure that I'll keep doing that, but it seems easy to change, so I'll try it out.

I will need to calibrate it though - either that or it doesn't like the way I've set it on the shoe. The route I ran today was 10.20km last week with the Triax system, 6.29mi (10.12km) on the Google Pedometer but 6.89mi (11.08km) with the iSweat. Should be fun though. I haven't run on a track for years. Regardless, the pace was pretty good, maybe the pretty color makes me go faster.

Oh, yes. There needs to be more avatar icons to chose from. The ones they have are good, but there are only 6 or so.

I set up a couple of goals on their goal system, which looks interesting. We'll see how that goes. It looks like you get different medals for how difficult the goal is, but honesty, the higher level goals don't look as nice as the lower level ones.

All in all, I'm pretty happy. See I am basically easy to please :)


jayfish said...

maybe you don't want to calibrate it. it makes you run faster!

mendi-la said...

hey Rob -What's that sticking out of your hat...

Overread said...

Hooray for Mendi-la getting the reference! I was so in love with Maid Marion - she was a hottie