Sunday, August 06, 2006

+3 Vorpal Quiz of Ogre Slaying

You folks did quite nicely last week. Let’s do a little mopping up here.

Second time around, I'm still believing
The words that you said
You said you'd always be here
And love forever still repeats in my head

That’s “Promises, Promises” by Naked Eyes.

Yes, Zerodoll, it was Lita Ford with “Kiss Me Deadly.” You may now be proud of your shame :)
Camera, I did mean the wrestler in Ms Lauper’s video – bonus points if you remember his name (I do, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why)

Glad you liked the pre-quiz quizzies. I think I’ll do some more of those! Maybe today will be half and half… we’ll see… I’m pretty sure that we’ve got at least one repeat this time around, but there’s a good reason, and I think I chose different lyrics this time.

I won't change the sheets for you
I won't put on cologne
I won't sit by the phone for you

So, it may be too soon, I know
The feeling takes so long to grow
If I tell you today will you turn me away
And let me go?

Danger in the game when the stakes are high
Branded, my heart was branded while my senses stood by
I’ll never find another girl like you, for happy endings it takes two
We’re fire and ice, the dream won’t come true

If everybody wants you
Why isn't anybody callin'
You don't have to answer
Leave them hangin' on the line

On the "Empress of India"
And as she closed her eyes upon the world and
picked upon the bones of last week's news
She spoke his name out loud again

There’s no one here to blame
There’s no one left to talk to, honey
And there ain’t no one to buy our innocence

When lights goes down, I see no reason
For you to cry. We’ve been through this before
In every time, in every season,
God knows I’ve tried
So please don’t ask for more.

8. He’s not strange, he just wants to live his life that way. Who is he?
9. Who is said to have a supple wrist?
10. Where would Ms. Benatar put her next notch?
11. What should one barbeque south of the border?
12. On what kind of horse does Bon Jovi ride?
13. Where do I get my kicks, sunshine?
14. Why is Rockwell afraid to wash his hair?
15. Where did Janis let him slip away?
16. Why does she need a chaperone?
17. He was in a jam. Where was he?
18. Motherly advice: Who should you not mess with?

Ok, jeeze… I’ve got to stop or I won’t have anything for next week. Enjoy folks!


zerodoll said...

#4 Gloria- Laura Branigan

#12 a steel horse
#13 I get my kicks above the waistline, Sunshine.

Head fully hung in shame...

jayfish said...

#9 would that be the pinball wizard?
#11 i think iguana on the bbq sounds yummy
#16 'cause she can't stop messin' with the danger zone! naughty ms. lauper!

( i swear i know #'s 2, 3 & 6 but for the life of me can't get a tune! grrr....)

liz said...

Zerodoll and Jayfish got the ones I knew.

Camera Obscura said...

#1 Jesse, Carly Simon

#10 Her lipstick case

#14 He always feels like somebody's watching him (or maybe he's afraid he'll wash out all the Jeri Curl)

#15 Salinas

Camera Obscura said...

Oh, I forgot to add -- Captain Lou Albano.