Saturday, October 28, 2006

Curiouser and Curiouser

I have received a mysterious missive from a million-mile away man. Because of blocking by a blockheaded former bloc-land, he became bereft of blogger. Consequently, he came to be incapable of commenting. Crap.

Anyway - his emailed comment was that while I do look a bit like Mr. Bart, I am much closer to Ex-Daily Show and 40-Year Old Virgin Steve Carell. I have to agree. I think I look more like him than Roger.

So Overread is a mix of this and that, but poorer and less popular than either.

PS. It seems that mentioning Desperate Housewives really drives traffic. I doubt it's what they're searching for though.

Hotlinking images is sometimes bad, sometimes funny. This time it was funny. I've been a good boy and removed the hotlinked images :)
PS - Roger Bart? is that a porn name?

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