Friday, March 30, 2007

Something Tells Me It's all Happening at the Zoo

Nothing truly exciting today, just meetings and such, but yesterday, ah yesterday.

I had decided to dive into adventure and brave the long long trip to the nearby (in a relative sense) zoo! See, I have a lot of trouble with zoos in general. I love the animals, but the cages really bother me. I've been to some really sad zoos, too. The problem is that I've also been to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. That place rocks. Rocks a lot. They had the funding to actually put things together pretty well with enough room for everyone and no weird concrete-ish display areas.

Back at Old U, there was a small zoo, but they were pretty well funded and did an ok job making the living areas pretty livable. Alas, Urban Sprawl City's zoo is... well, I should say that it's not awful. In fact it's good, really. They're trying to build a lot of new areas and add room for the critters, but still, I guess I've been spoiled for zoos.

The one thing that absolutely kills me is seeing the animals, usually the big cats, pacing back and forth mindlessly in a really small enclosure, and this zoo had nothing like that. Really it wasn't bad.

Anyway, the end result is that I practically lived on buses and at bus stops for most of the day, but had a great time at the zoo while I was there. Yea zoo!

Here's pictures. Most of them are pretty average and a lot of the beasties were hiding as usual, but I really liked the tortoise. He (She?) is very cool.

Also, I'm going to put together a how-to post on the smoke pictures because a few people asked. I'll try to get that together soon. It'll be a good excuse to shoot some more smoke and try to figure out what I'm doing wrong with the background :)

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