Thursday, April 19, 2007

Confidential to Dude in the Back Row

Ok, so the class I'm TAing for is a large one, and when I go to lectures I always try to sit inconspicuously in the back to see what the students do during lecture. You can probably figure it out. The ones up close are listening intently and scribbling notes. The students back by me? well... Here's a quick list

  • In the annoying but not completely horrific category:
    • Texting (xJust about everyone)
  • In the distracting and annoying category:
    • getting up and leaving out the loud doorway in the middle of lecture (x2)
  • In the why don't you just stay home category:
    • Solitaire on the laptop
    • Soduku (x3 or 4)
    • Sleeping
  • In the Oh my god get a room! category:
    • rubbing the upper inner thigh of the girl next to you. Constantly. For nearly the entire lecture. Yeesh. Who knew Gruub studies gets people so hot and bothered.
On another completely random note, in case you didn't know how, here's some excerpts from the book, On Becoming a Woman. It's filled with such useful information about how to avoid lesbian relationships, and the dangers of masturbation. Remember! Circumcision is always an option if you can find the right "Christian doctor." Brought to you by the loving care of 1951 misogyny.

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