Monday, April 23, 2007

Trappings of Wisdom

1. PhD dissertation for someone out there: How is it possible for headphone wires to get so impossibly tangled.

2. I like to think about what the ancient masters that I'm reading right now might think about me reading their deep words of wisdom while listening to Derek and the Dominoes. I like to think that this particular author I'm reading would be furious. Somehow it makes me smile.


~profgrrrrl~ said...

I was wondering that very thing while walking with my ipod today.

Anonymous said...

Totally with #1. You can get little headphone holders to avoid such tanglings. Lost mine though.

Camera Obscura said...

Dittos w/ the grrrrrl. Five minutes in my pocket between the house and the gym, and 10 minutes to untangle before I can use them.