Monday, May 21, 2007

A Herculean Post

Could we please, as speakers of English, stop overusing the word "hero?" Please?

The crossing guard at your school is not a hero. The librarian who stops your child from watching internet porn is not a hero. Politicians are not heroes. Pilots are generally not heroes. Not all soldiers are heroes. Some, perhaps, but not all. Trust me, I was in the army. I know.

Even if you do something good or important, that does not make you a hero. It has to be heroic. See what I did there? It's English. It's a pretty wonderful language.

Also, any talking head who cannot make sense of the title "Celebrated Leaping Frog of Calaveras County" should be immediately fired. Seriously, I think she said something like "Calaras country." Yeesh. I'm going to make a great curmudgeon - "Don't they teach Twain in the schools anymore?"

Why do I keep watching CNN?

Finally, President Carter rocks. Could we re-elect him?


Ianqui said...

You were in the army?

In any case, yes, I agree with you. The word hero sucks.

Ianqui said...

Well, let me clarify. The word itself is fine, but our abuse of it sucks.

Anonymous said...

Here, here.

Z Guy said...

The point is, when society makes EVERYONE a hero, then no one is. It's easier to control the masses that way...

Camera Obscura said...

Carter is a wonderful elder-statesman and all-round humanitarian. I adore the man, and agree with almost everything he says and does.

At the time, he was a horrendous president. I will grant you that he inherited his problems, but he could not handle them.

Overread said...

I agree, Z Guy, but I think it's very far from an malicious organized thing. I have no doubt there are people out there who might want to control the masses, but I think it's more about ratings than thoughtcrime. At least, so far.

I'll happily agree with you, too, Camera. I'm not sure anyone could have pulled the reins well enough or tight enough to avert the disaster he was handed (how's that for a mixed metaphor!), but clearly, he was not able to make things better in the short term.

Still, I really feel for him because as a former president, he's not really supposed to attack the current one, but you can tell he wants to say a lot more than he already has.