Sunday, May 20, 2007

Link Dump From Beyond!

Completely random, but they've been lurking in my browser tabs, so I'm putting them here so that I can delete the tabs. Fun eh?

  1. Comparative Maps Of Subway Systems - Alas, would that my current city had a London-size tube. My. That sounded very rude, didn't it? Fun for fans of public transit!
  2. Boomshine Game - I'm pretty sure that I linked this before, but I'm lazy and I don't want to look. Very fun soothing flash game. try to get all the dots to blow up in pretty lights and colors. Fun for those who enjoy pretty lights and colors!
  3. Who Said It Quiz - try and guess who said the quote. Was it Osama bin Laden or either Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson. Fun for the whole extremist family!
  4. Alice and Jabberwocky Over Tea - What would happen if you put two relatively advanced Turing chatting programs in a room together? Funny, and intriguing too!
  5. Color Photos From World War I - I've seen a few sites like this one, but this one seems to have more photos and many I haven't seen before at all. It's eerie to look at the people who lived during that time. Fun for... well, not fun really, kind of sobering and fascinating for history-geeks.
  6. Archive of Dime Novel Covers - very freaky but a hoot to browse through. Fun for strapping young men of adventure and their winsome women who stay in their place.
Whew. Well, I'm spent.

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