Saturday, September 22, 2007

Need Humility? Try this quiz! :)

So, first ya gotta go take this geography quiz.

Then you gotta watch this cartoon. (seriously, I don't think there is a way that I could possibly love this clip better than I do.)

Then take the quiz again.

I still really stunk.


Terminal Degree said...

That's a GREAT cartoon!

But yeah, it was a good reminder of what I don't know!

zerodoll said...

so hard to come up with names!!!

Ianqui said...

I just want to say that the website didn't accept some names that I put in, like Ivory Coast and French Guiana. Also Greenland. Therefore, I'm smarter than it let me be.

zerodoll said...

ya, and it had to be bosnia AND herzegovina, not bosnia-herzegovina. think the time it took to type that and be wrong!

ren.kat said...

How sweet of you to take time from academic land to humble me. I mean, you knew I was coming by, right?