Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Need Strange Videos? Of Course You Do.

You remember these guys? They would make the perfect librarians.

Beware of flume rides.

If you survive the flume ride, maybe you could go on this game show. Japan makes me laugh.

Funky music video with old revival video

And a link to a table I want. You know, eventually, when I actually have a place to put it.

Added bonus:
Ah, for days gone by in the Oklahoman schoolhouse: fingernail inspection. Optional caption: "You're soaking in it."

I wish this map of all humanity were bigger so I could try to find out where I live.

And finally, the true argument against Star Wars and for Star Trek: despots vs. populists.

Ok, my tabs are clear.


BrightStar said...

I didn't look at everything, but...

I don't know who those first guys are.

That treadmill game looks really difficult.

The video of the table was strangely hypnotic.

Overread said...


From the Land of the Lost. Ancient very bad TV all they ever said was "ssshhhhh."