Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gobble Gobble

A very happy Turkey Day to all who find this blog, and to all those who don't. May your turkey be moist, your cranberries ever so slightly tart (even if they come from a can), and your favorite teams win, or at the very least not embarrass themselves too badly.

I usually think that the 'I'm thankful for...' posts are a bit silly, but that shouldn't stop anyone from doing one. Because honestly, even though I moan and gripe, I really am quite thankful.

I'm so very thankful to have such a wonderful family. Even when I don't show up to thanksgiving, they don't seem to hate me too badly. My siblings are simply two of the best people I know. I've got incredible nieces and in-laws (and a particularly great soon-to-be in-law). My mother is the most kind and thoughtful person in the world. Even my Grandpa is cooler than anything.

I'm studying a subject I love at a very good school. I'm teaching classes I enjoy. As long as I keep on it, I might even be able to get a degree and eventually earn enough money to begin paying back the fine international conglomeration-banks that were kind enough to allow me to hawk my future in order to do what I'm doing.

I'm even fortunate enough to have a surprisingly loyal readership that continues to read my silly little blog despite my inconsistent posting of dubious quality.

So thanks to you, my friends. I'm very happy to have you here and visit you at your bloghomes.


jayfish said...

happy gobble day!

Ianqui said...

and your favorite teams win, or at the very least not embarrass themselves too badly

Too late! Our team definitely embarrassed itself miserably.