Tuesday, January 08, 2008

First in the Nation

Wow. Now I'm really still undecided about who I like in the primaries, so I'm really interested in the coverage over in NH. What I'm thinking:
  • Iowa? New Hampshire? Yeah, I think we need to redo the primary system altogether.
  • Clinton looks absolutely exhausted. I don't want her to be president, but I really hope she hangs in and makes a good showing.
  • Obama is still getting very friendly coverage, and it doesn't seem that anyone is being very critical
  • Is Edwards really so much of a longshot that he doesn't warrant any coverage at all? Also, that hair is terrifying.
  • Huckabee - The networks only go as far as mentioning that there are very few 'Evangelicals' in NH. Why don't they talk about specifics? Talk about evolution, science, stem cells, abortion! These aren't solely religious issues. They are political issues.
  • Romney - Looking very casual and blase. This seems to work well for him. Clinton could learn from this I think.
  • McCain - he seems very upbeat for a guy who is getting his tukas kicked.
  • Guliani - who?
  • Thompson - How is this man getting votes? Somnambulism is not a platform. He doesn't even have any stage presence. How is that possible?
  • Paul - I'm really glad he's out there raising issues, but I look at him like Kucinich. I really wish more people would argue their ideas rather then just dismiss them, but neither one is electable. Paul as a third party candidate would be a hoot though.
  • I'm figuring Obama and Romney will win and become pretty hard to beat.
  • I worry that Democrats are getting a bit complacent, thinking that they'll have no problem against any Republican. I think that they forget that they are Democrats and that means that they can find a way to lose anything anytime.
  • Isn't it cool when the news channels cover (what I consider) news?
  • I'm really torn about Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert being back on TV despite the strike. Also, neither of them seem nearly as sharp without their writers. I did really miss them though.

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Overread said...

Well, shows what I know about McCain. Clinton's looking good and strong too