Monday, January 07, 2008

Stranger on a Strange Campus

Ah first day of classes. It's all so very cool. I wonder if I'll ever not love it. I've got another couple of early classes - one at the unheard of time of 9am! Hehe. I actually kind of like the early classes. I figure that no one signs up for a 9am class unless they actually want to be there, well and maybe a couple of folks who aren't motivated but couldn't get in any other sections. But frankly, they probably won't wake up early enough to make it to class, so that leaves me only my motivated students and a smaller class! Win-win!

Also, funny thing happened today - I was heading home when I passed by a very flustered looking mom using very broken English to try to ask a student how to get to the bus stop. Her little kid was chattering away in a language related to Gruub studies, so I butted in and said I could show her the way. She seemed so relieved to find someone she could communicate with. It turned out that she was a visiting post-doc in the Not-Gruub Department, and they really hadn't done much to get her oriented to the area. Halfway to the bus stop I realized that she needed much much more help that I could give(kindergarten for the kid - he doesn't speak English, housing, transportation, etc.. etc...), so I suggested we swing by the office of the folks that teach her language, and see if they could help her out. We got there and there were several folks who seemed more than happy to help her out. I had to run off, but I think everything will be go much smoother for Ms. Mom.

Hooray for happy coincidences!

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liz said...

Hooray for you being in the right place at the right time!