Sunday, April 20, 2008


We have many 'issues' about the bathroom that is nearest to my office. It's a pretty low-traffic area, and if you know about the side door, well, you can get in and out with relative anonymity. So then, we've always had trouble with folks coming in, especially on the weekends or late at night, and enjoying themselves and/or others in there. There've been police reports and supposed increased patrolling and such, too.

I do think it's gotten a lot better. I've never actually found someone in there doing anything that folks normally don't do in bathrooms, but I've come in a few times and found people that seemed overly startled. Then there was the time that I was washing my hands and heard something muffled from one of the stalls. I looked under the barrier and saw no legs.

So ick, right? really really ick, right?

This morning I found a giant clump of hair in the sink.

Why does that gross me out as much as the other activities?

Hmm... I wonder where the next-nearest bathroom is?

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