Friday, March 31, 2006

My Own Little World

Why is it that I am so unable to be social?

Even when it is in my best interests, it’s very difficult for me. I just had a long conversation with an advisor who repeated what many other folks had told me: It would be perfectly acceptable to email potential advisors from potential PhD programs who will be at the upcoming conference and ask to meet with them.

This would be very good for me because it would give me an opportunity to meet with them and gauge personalities and see what the programs would be like and maybe get a taste of the atmosphere and all that good stuff.

So why is it so hard for me to send the emails?

Am I afraid that they’ll think I’m pushy?
Am I afraid they’ll say no?
Am I afraid they’ll say yes?
Am I generally happy thinking that if I do nothing, people will naturally feel my brilliance and rain opportunities and funding down upon my head? Well, maybe so…

So I sent the emails.


luckybuzz said...

Hey, good for you for sending the emails! I go through similar quandaries all the time, but mine almost never end with "so I sent the emails...."

jayfish said...

mine usually end with "then i opened up the container of ice cream..."

Overread said...

Well, if it all goes to hell then I can at least blame a lot of people who were saying I should do it. That'll make me feel better anyway.

And I plan on ice cream tomorrow - diet be damned!