Monday, April 17, 2006

I'm Appreciated!

The department took out the office folk and the grad folk out to eat tonight for some kind of appreciation week. Tomorrow, we get free 10-minute massages and 'frozen treats' from the university. Good times, good times...

Cool thing was that for dinner, I got a plantain sandwich. That's a sandwich that uses fried plantain as the 'bread.' I chose falafel as the innards. Extraordinarily yummy. Oh yes, and sweet potato french fries. num num. I'd never been to that restaurant as it's a bit out of my regular biking circle, but I think I'll have to go back.

And it's all good, because I went on a run today too!

8.20km - 39'36" (getting closer to my pre-conference lazy days time :) )


BrightStar said...

I heart plantains.

jayfish said...

great run!

...a plantain sammich? that's just crazy!

zerodoll said...

massages and frozen treats?! spoiled!!!