Tuesday, April 18, 2006

So Bummed

The "free massages for grad students" notice neglected to say that they only had 2 masseuses. By the time I got there, there was a sad dazed line of folks sitting out on the patch of grass. The last woman in line told me that she was about an hour away from the front of the line. I've got class in just a little bit, so no massage for Overread. :(

There was another table set up giving out coupons to grad folks, though, so I got a coupon at least. Funny thing was that the woman at the coupon table offered coupons to the folks in line - "come on over and I'll give some coupons!" Three people in line said almost in chorus, "I can't leave the line" in a kind of desperate drugged voice.

Grad students, part of the second best job in the whole world! By the by, I wonder if they factored the salary of TAs into their rosy picture


zerodoll said...

well blah.

BrightStar said...

can't people save their places in line? Oh, even better, why didn't they just start some sort of massage chain in which each person massages the shoulders of the person in front of them? I would have totally started that.

Overread said...

Oooo that would have been good too... If I mentioned that there were a bevy of good looking grad gals would that be crass?