Monday, June 19, 2006

By The Power Of Greyskull…

Thanks for all the happy thoughts and congratulations everyone. You guys are so sweet to me.

It’s all over but the paperwork. I am a Master. By the way, don’t you think that ‘Master of X’ should be a higher degree than ‘Doctor of X?’ I mean, hey, if I’m a Master, why should I keep studying, right?

Thoughts from the commencement ceremony:

  • I like the symbolism of the hooding ceremony for the PhDs. I think it’s important to show the world that after decades of study and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent, that newly minted PhDs still need help getting dressed.
  • There is more evidence of this in the way that the people dressed themselves. Ratty tennis shoes and frayed blue jeans? Flip-flops? I mean, c’mon now, at least try.
  • When getting hooded, kneel or squat, do not bow! Plenty of people bowed – it only makes it harder for your hooder. Now, that’s fine by me, I had a great time making fun of everyone, but it might cause embarrassment for you. Another important lesson is to choose tall advisors.
  • The quality and variety of robes was just wonderful. I think that the European schools had the best ones though. I swear one of the professors looked like he just stepped off the stage from a community theatre production of Merchant of Venice (Scrivener? Was that you?)
  • Commencement speakers need to be able to speak well. This goes back to my firm belief that all potential educators need to take a public speaking class (or 3)
  • On the other hand, I feel awful for the name-readers. Phonetic spellings can’t help you out of everything. Bonus points for all of them. Also full points for the hand-shakers – you just know that they’re going to come down with some kind of cold or something.
  • Nobody tripped. Pity.

Right then. A return to grading!

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