Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday O'Meme

I'm way behind in my meme-ing, so here's a golden oldie from Chez Stewgad

5 Items in my Fridge: (it's a huge embarrassment, but I couldn't tell you what's in there. I'm never at the apartment enough to know. I only vaguely remember cooking, many many moons ago)

5 Items in my Closet:
  1. Much that needs laundering
  2. A couple of pairs of old beat up running shoes that I've never gotten around to tossing out.
  3. An insane number of socks. I firmly believe that there is little better than a really good pair of cushion-y hiking or running socks. Oh, yeah. I don't have a chest of drawers, so the socks go in the closet. Nice eh?
  4. small cobweb at the top corner
  5. a shelf-piece from an old computer desk that I don't have enough room for in my room. Do I have room for it in my closet? well, no. Not really.

5 Items in my Car: (Well, crap. Maybe this meme just looked cool, but I don't fit it. See, I don't have a car. So... How about things on my wall in the office!)
  1. Big calendar from the campus student group (major circled day was thesis turn in day. Next circled day is due date for grade turn in)
  2. Bunches of pictures of my two beau-ti-ful nieces.
  3. Postcards - 1 from Profgrrrrl, several from Jayfish & Zerodoll and a couple other random ones
  4. A thank you note from a student from last class. I know - I was shocked too.
  5. a cartoon printed from Phdcomics.com (this one)
5 Items in my Purse: (how about backpack?)
  1. Waaaaay too many books.
  2. Laptop (in padded compartment) with various cables and such
  3. Pens and highlighters beyond number
  4. Hand sanitizer
  5. point-n-shoot camera
5 Items in my Desk: (This'll have to be 'on' my desk, because I'm not cool enough to have a desk with drawers.)
  1. Nike triax dongle (to download my runs to the computer)
  2. wicker basket that is supposed to be full of nutritious fruit goodness, but has been suspiciously empty of late.
  3. Kleenex for crying students and allergy-ridden TAs
  4. A stack of several things that need to be translated with a quickness
  5. Giant teddy bear (free gift with purchase of $100 or more at the campus bookstore) wearing my mortarboard. He's actually on the filing cabinet, but I couldn't leave him out. Him? Maybe it's a her?


zerodoll said...

but are your socks sorted and matched?

Overread said...

Well, kinda. One of the things that stuck with me from the dark army days was the rolling socks into little balls. There are a good number of bachelor socks though. Poor things :(