Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Work is Dead, Long Live Work!

The grading is done and submitted, and now the work begins. 

Putting together a class is an exhausting job.  I've TAed one of the classes I'm going to teach twice and the other class once, so I'm lucky to have a lot of material to draw on, but still, I've got to build a lot of it from scratch.  In fact, it's a very good possibility that the only reason I'm not tearing at my clothes and ripping out my hair is that I really don't know what I've gotten myself into.  I've got the basic form and themes of the class down basically, but the readings and finer structure are still very much... hopeful.

Another odd first - a couple of 30-something students came in to talk to the 'professor of the X classes for the summer.'  I was pointed out and they came to chat about seeing if they could get in (the class is full).  First funny thing was that they didn't laugh when they saw that I was the one who was going to be teaching it.  Second funny thing is that they seemed genuinely excited about taking the class.  Now maybe that was just an act to butter me up so I'd let them in, but still.  funny world. 

The office is getting more and more private as people leave.  This one left the academic world to try her luck in DC.  This one left to take care of ill parents.  That one is going to spend the summer back home with the long-distance boyfriend.  This one is working like a madman at his local job to build up enough money to make it through another school year.  And here I am - the only grad student hanging through the summer in the office.  I always gripe about not being able to get anything done because of all the distractions, but I'm going to be really lonely in here.  Especially since I'll be moving on before the office gets rowdy again.  sadness.

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jayfish said...

sounds like a perfect opportunity to hide practical jokes in other people's offices. :)