Tuesday, August 01, 2006

6.78mi - 47'41"

Ok, it's clear I obsess, right? So I was still very skeptical of the results for the iSweat Nike+ thingie. Maybe it was because I installed it a bit wonky. Possible. Nike's version of the shoe puts it under the padding in the arch of the shoe. Well, dang nabbit, so will I!


Marked out a place to cut...


Box cutter of doooooooom goes to work - choppity chop


And thar she is, snug as a bug in a rug.

I actually did this before the Saturday run. I can't even feel it when I run, so I guess that's good. I could actually feel it a bit when it was outside under my shoelaces. I recalibrated on Saturday too. I think the distance is closer to what I think it ought to be, but I'm still not completely convinced. I'll have to go to an officially marked off 10k or something and check against that. We'll see. It's not that important... really...

It's just that I obsess, you know.

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