Thursday, January 25, 2007

I Don't Think We're in Kansas Anymore, ABBA

Well, things are just whirling around like a tornado around a drug addled gay icon. One of the most exciting things is that since I didn't take any grades last semester, I don't have a GPA, and since I don't have a GPA, I guess all the little forms are defaulting to a 0.00 GPA. Nice. That means I'm on the Important Academic Endangered Species List. Now, normally, it would be hard for me to care about that very much, except one cannot be on said list and still be a TA. Neat, eh? We'll see how this turns out. Here's hoping there's a petition of some kind.

Also, while not particularly worthy of note, my journey for lunch today was paradoxically noteworthy. There was a magical coupon that claimed to give $3 off a burger, fries and drink at a local sorta-campus place in an area of campus I had not seen yet. Now, I'm not as thrifty as I should be (more on that later), but I saw this as a challenge. Woohoo! Road Trip! Except it's on a bike. And just me. And there wasn't any singing. Well, I take that last one back. I did sing quite a bit of ABBA. Not well, but there it is.

Anyway, the trauma was that this little, umm... for lack of a better word, restaurant, was completely hidden. Not only was it deep in the bowels of the land of Scary Other Departments, but it was nearly surrounded by impassable construction barriers. Guess how many I hit before getting inside? If you guessed three, you'd be right.

On the plus side, I got my cheap burger, which wasn't so bad, fries, which were so-so, but came with a fun peppery powder, and soda, which was, as is standard for most fountain service, really crappy. On top of that, I got today's 365 photo, which was posted on the wall outside. The sign raises more questions than it answers. Truly perplexing.

Maybe I'll leave the story of my lack of thriftiness for another post. It should get here next week, anyway. :)

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