Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Lifted Pseudo-Meme!

Because I enjoyed it as Casa RV a little while ago, I'll bring you my version of:

An Activity: Draft a Response!


Info needed to craft a response to this email:
  • we just finished class number nine for this session
  • this is the first I heard that this guy was in my class
  • This is a very technical class where every lesson builds critically on previous lessons. I can see no conceivable way even to talk about this lesson without a deep knowledge of the past nine classes.
  • I came very close to splitting an infinitive in the previous bullet point. Can you guess where? Now that I look at it again, I hope you can.
To: Overread
Subject: Hey there!

Hey there! I'm G. Nius who barely hacked his way through your last class. How are things goin'? I just wanted to tell you not to drop me from this class. I haven't been to class yet because I just got back in town. Oh, and I'm not going to be in class tomorrow because I got stuck in City-Very-Much-Within-Driving-Distance. So I guess I'll make up all the quizzes when I get back?


Sigh, He's actually a hard working guy and I'll try to help him out. Feh. I'm a pushover.

Enough about me! How would you answer?


Ianqui said...

I do not redo lectures for people who have missed them without any conceivably good reason, so I would tell him that if he chooses to stay in the class, he better get notes from a good student and study them like crazy. I'd also tell him that based on my experience, people who join the class after 2 weeks never get better than a C and often fail, no matter how good their intentions are at this moment.

I've never actually said this last line, but I was all ready to this year if anyone had wanted to add my class late.

zerodoll said...

'even to talk', very good.