Saturday, January 06, 2007

Scientific Progress Goes 'Boink' Indeed

Oh, I almost forgot to link this. Since we were all um... excited about mannequin boobs and nipples and such, note that we aren't the only ones (link perhaps not safe for work).

winning quotes from the article:

The realistic-looking mannequins ... can have realistic silicone nipples added.
Instead of being designed for naturally big breasted women the mannequins' breasts are abnormally high up for their size suggesting they are modelled on women with implants.
Now, for me, I'm just wandering about the R&D folk who are tasked with designing the 'realistic silicone nipples.'
Late at night, sequestered in a dark mad scientist's lab deep in the Hot Topic R&D in Hoboken, they try experiment after experiment, failure upon failure, nearly giving up their noble cause - "Dammit! They still aren't realistic enough!"
Then, one night, or was it early morning? Several empty pizza boxes and three interns (of normal bust size) are sprawled around the lab having finally succumbed to exhaustion, their nipple reaction surveys scatted over the desks and floors. Suddenly, Dr. Headlamp stands up in disbelief. "Good God. It's done. They're... perfect."

And they say that the sciences are dying...

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