Friday, January 05, 2007

Shave and a Haircut - One Freak!

I guess today's picture really should have involved what happened when I went in to get my hair cut today...

So I show up at the barber shop and there looked like there were two stylist folk working there today. They were both taking care of people so I sat down and pulled out a book to read while I waited. Then a guy came out from the back area (or at least I thought he did at the time - in any case I hadn't seen him when I came in). He walked around a bit like he worked there, so I looked up and tried to make eye contact to let him know I was next in line.

Then he sat down in one of the barber chairs. and started to cuddle with a tupperware bowl full of... something.


Maybe he's on break? It was about lunchtime, so that's not unthinkable. I'll just wait until someone calls me.

One of the stylists finished, but had an appointment come in right then, so she took her over to the chair where the odd man was sitting. She said something and the man replied, "No, man. I need this chair. I need it because my family died yesterday."


There was more mumbled conversation and the man finally is moved to another barber chair, but he didn't sit down. He stood up in the middle of the barber shop and crosses himself a few times (kinda like Sammy Sosa used to - quick, kissing his fist after each time). Then he jumped on the ground and pounded his fist on the tile a few times before jumping back up and starting into a kung-fu shadow boxing routine.

He was actually kinda good.

While he was doing this he started mumbling about all sorts of people, George Bush ("that rat - he's the rat. I ain't no rat"), John Elway ("me and Elway, there's nothing you can do about that, me and Elway), Bruce Lee ("This one's for you Bruce Lee, man Bruce Lee man") among others that I couldn't quite hear.

Partway through his routine, ignoring polite requests that he "take that outside, please," He started dancing behind the mirror of one of the stylists, looking at himself and posing behind them. So, she's there cutting hair, and this guy is jumping all around right behind her - and the poor woman who just came in to get a trim.

Oh, and now he's occasionally jumping over to the walls and pounding his fists against them too.

Finally, he calmed down a bit and moseyed over to the cashier's table and started doodling on the appointment pad (he must have taken it, or maybe he didn't actually write anything, 'cause I looked afterward and could see anything interesting.)

After awhile, he left his stuff there (hoodie and one sock) and paced out into the hallway. While he was gone, the security folks came in and asked about him. They couldn't find him.

Security left, and the man strolled back in, got his stuff and left.

I got a pretty good haircut.


jayfish said...

ahhh. the joys of city life!

liz said...


mendi-la said...

i would have left - you are brave - how could you have known that he wouldn't have come back!! ahaahaaa

mendi-la said...

i would have left - you are brave - how could you have known that he wouldn't have come back!! ahaahaaa