Wednesday, March 21, 2007

And I Decided

That one big link dump is better than two little link dumps, and rather than bring that one up I decided to post mine here.

  1. Another, even more insidious game
    1. Also, for Jayish - a Kaboom! clone. Do you still have an old Atari paddle?
  2. Top 15 most unintentionally funny panels in old comic books
  3. Another silly get to know yourself quiz - pick the photo that you feel best represents the word they give you.
  4. Make your own cheap light box! I may just try this one out :)

1 comment:

jayfish said...

gar! i can only get up to level 12 and i got 54 on that one...

kaboom clone?? oooooohh! where's my atari??