Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Notes From The Underground. But Aboveground.

I'm still completely unenthusiastic about the paper I need to finish up in the next couple of days, but here's the fun thing - I'm getting really excited about another paper that I'm starting to put together. I don't want to jinx it, but it's a nice big juicy topic that no one has really gotten in to yet. I'm still looking around to see if there are any hidden monographs out there that have already done it, but I think the topic will be mine all mine!

Also, as a good recorder of random items, I report to you the graffiti on today's library cell which focuses on the dangers of Mary J:
  1. 4/20!!!!!!!!
  2. 4:20!!!!!
  3. Fucking potheads
  4. Albert, Mary J is the Satan (unclear - crossed out) devil's smoke. All of smokers will burn in Hell w/ rapists, murderers and Hitler.
    1. Yaright.
    2. Thank you for your advice, Mrs. Doubtfire
    3. How in hell do you equate pot smokers w/ rapists & Hitler?
    4. Be careful with pot kids, it's very dangerous because it's so subtle. It can get out of control and ruin you
      1. How?
  5. Shut up!
    1. Turn around!
  6. Hello!
  7. I love you deformed lips.
  8. Shut up and get back to work.

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