Friday, April 13, 2007

A Big Drip

Funny thing. I wanted to try out some new things adding cayro syrup to my drip photography. I was going to try to get the syrup to try to add surface tension to the drippity drops to make longer stringy things, but in the end, I pretty much did what I did the last few times. The problems were the same too. It's the drip rig that's causing the most trouble. I'm using a soda bottle with a hole in the bottom. I've been adjusting the cap to change the speed of drips, but it usually ends up either on (too fast) or off (no drips). Feh. I guess I need to rebuild from the bottom up. Still. I got a whole poopload of shots. They just finished downloading, so I'll go see if any turned out ok. Check my flicker for updates if you're interested.

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