Sunday, April 08, 2007

Down the Stream of Consciousness Without a Paddle

Randomness of my life:

  • I picked the 'make me happy' class, and I'm really loving it. I'm naturally in over my head, but it's in a good way. I'm spending nearly the entire weekend on the material and having a great time. I hope I leave time for the rest of my other stuff
  • I simply love Simon and Garfunkel. I think Paul Simon is perhaps my favoritest of all singer/songwriters. Absolutely the bee's knees. However. I stumbled onto the 2004 reunion concert album and... well... I'll be charitable and say they might have needed a little more rehearsal time... Like a lot more rehearsal time. And I know I'm biased, but it was mostly Art. Poor, poor Art.
  • That being said, I would have loved to be there.
  • Was that last point deserving of its own bullet?
  • I'm getting really close to post #1000 on this here blog. I was going to try to think of a way to celebrate or something, but I've missed every other blogoversary-type milestone, so I figure I'll probably forget about this one, too.
  • Seriously. I'm on 997 or something.
  • I can't believe Molly Ringwald's parents forgot about her birthday.
  • It's even more unbelievable that she ended up with that big dim hunk-dude.
  • Then again, she was pretty messed up, too.
  • I despise what CNN has become, but I flipped it on this morning really quickly to see that Rosie O'whatsherface thinks that there were explosives rigged in one of the WTC buildings.
  • Dear lord.
  • That's just awful on so many levels.
  • level 1 - I understand that some people need coping mechanisms to deal with the idea that we live in a world that seems to be very random and very dangerous, but when did Rosie's nutjob conspiracy theories become news?
  • level 2 - Is Rosie a structural engineer now? I think she should stay a comedienne. She's good at that.
  • level 3 fighters only can have 30 hit points unless there's something special about 'em.
  • Or at least they could the last time I played.
  • That was more than ten years ago.
  • Rosie the Riveter I might trust, but that Rosie, no thanks. And I used to like her.
  • That was also about ten years ago.
  • Actually, I still think she's funny.
  • Did I mention that I was working really hard this entire weekend?
  • Yeah, I think I did.
  • I worry now that you don't believe me.
  • Because I highly value your opinions about me.
  • Oh, you anonymous denizens of the intertubes, don't think me a liar.
  • Even though I am.
  • I like how my tags are completely useless and run miles and miles down the side of the blog. That makes me smile.
  • What are the odds of my getting more "Molly Ringwald" posts?
  • Ok, I think I've abused the good graces of the bullet point format as much as possible.
  • And I need to get back to work.
  • Did you actually read all of this?
  • Tagging this is going to be fun
  • You're procrastinating, too, aren't you?
  • Get back to work.


zerodoll said...

wait, rosie's a comedienne?

knightjorge said...

How did you know that I'm procrastinating?

I'm glad you're enjoying the make-you-happy class. I knew you would.

And I think it's sweet that Molly ended up with the hunk. I like him.

I also think that if you had a Brat Pack movie weekend you'd be able to come up with some more Molly posts. Or if you'd seen her perform in Sweet Charity you'd definitely have something to say about her. I did.