Monday, October 22, 2007


I am such a geek. I've got a pencil-bag thing, because I have so many different pens and highlighters and Sharpies and post-it tags and and and and.

It's always in my bag. Always.

Except today, it stayed home.

I was a basketcase. I only had one regular old Pentel fattie pen in a spare pocket of my bookbag. I mean, seriously, how can I mark participation in class (yes, yes, we are required to give detailed daily participation scores) with a thick black pen ? How can I make corrections to my Japanese homework in the same color as the pen that I did the original work with? How can I make new flashcards with a fat pen(it had to be nearly 0.5mm or fatter, for Hermione's sake)? How can I grade papers without a green pen? Am I supposed to underline the texts I'm reading? Should I dogear my books when I find a passage that I want to bring up in the seminar?



It's all good though. Things are beyond cool, really. Why? Because of this.


Ianqui said...

I wish I had use for my pencil bag. I have this totally cute marimekko pencil bag that a student brought back from Finland for me, and most of the time, I can't even remember to carry one pen, much less a pencil bag's worth. I used it as a small cylindrical toiletry bag once, but right now it's just sitting cutely on my desk.

jayfish said...